"Fruit Salad Lady" Don't Be Like This Guy (points both thumbs at myself)

Going into any holiday can be a juggle of the hustle and bustle but its how you react when the moment that matters, and if not for that to make sure to correct any wrong behavior but you must reflect and notice such behavior first...

 Understanding how to better your customer interactions is an on going practice.  And as anything that is practiced it is a long and argues process one that is constant and ever learning.  Meaning that even a professional can learn something new the old adage teaching an old dog new tricks is one that you need to apply to your experience here at Spera's.  This event took place on a very busy weekend and it involves a customer who was about to step into line to cash out when she realized she had not gotten all the items she came in for.  Looking back to the deli front register 3 she speaks up and says "Darnit I forgot fruit salad" 

I feel like I am offering a bit of help when I say gladly " Ma'am I will go run back and grab you a container what size?"

To which she replies thanks but I am in a hurry and I cannot be bothered I look to the produce case the the precut fruit I had forgotten about.  Quickly I search for a fruit medley but only melon mixes and watermelon remained.  I apologized and she was on her way claiming she just was looking for a small single snack portion.

I once again apologize and she says not to worry about it.  About 3 hours go bye and I am doing my laps around the store and I come to the produce and face off the SMALL INDIVIDUAL FRUIT CUPS!  I cannot believe it these are the only the exact item she was looking for and our conversation went down nearly feet away from this product.  It just goes to show you in the heat of the moment when the chips are down it still make take you a second to fully process a customers question and true intentions.  I could have been the hero in this moment but I feel like I let her down.  So in the future by writing this and furthering the knowledge of others I think its apparent that by enacting the several checks in the future I can prevent this with better training and a more focused approach to customer satisfaction.