6 Tips to Buildings a Fantastic Foodservice Team


6 Tips to Build a Fantastic Foodservice Team

Having a high-tech kitchen and delicious recipes is great, but it’s all for naught if a retail foodservice program lacks a team that’s not up to the challenge. To help grocers ensure their staff is able to prepare the best food in an efficient manner, the National Restaurant Association dishes out the following tips:

1 Recruit the best talent from the area by sourcing from nearby restaurants, culinary and hospitality schools, and other foodservice settings. Additionally, use social media messages to play up positive culture and perks, such as the opportunity to work less grueling hours than a restaurant setting.

2 Source from within by finding the best candidates from the meat, seafood and produce departments who would jump at the opportunity to work with prepared foods.

30% Minimum share of revenue the NRA says grocerants should allocate toward labor costs on budgets.

3 Empower grocerant leaders to assemble their teams and hire to fill specific skills gaps, and let them be picky about which staff serves customers directly as long as back-of-house duties are also managed professionally.

4 Commit grocerant leaders to budgets, which NRA officials say should allocate at least a 30-35% share of revenue toward labor costs. Grocers should also keep in mind the rising minimum wage, the need to pay competitively and the importance of hiring right the first time to minimize costly staff turnover.

5 Impose rigid training policies for food quality and production, food safety, cleanliness, documentation and overall integrity—especially in open work environments where customers can see what goes on.

6 Keep millennials visible on the team to relate to other millennials. This can be facilitated by creating policies the younger crowd will appreciate, giving them opportunities to broaden their skill sets and taking their suggestions seriously.


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Marks Take:

What we can take from this article is that you can have the high-tech kitchen and delicious recipes but if we lack the team its all for naught.  To ensure our deli staff can be able and ready to prepare the best food in an efficient manner.  By recruiting the best talent even if that means taking talent from nearby restaurants etc. and using social media to play up our unique attributes we bring to Cicero.  By using the ability to take restaurant workers not wanting to work the longer hours.  Use your own meats and produce depth they may have workers willing to jump into the food service sector.  Allow leaders to work their employees to their strengths.  When pricing allow for 35% to be towards labor.  By imposing strict training policies you can limit food waste   And not to forget about millennials keeping them visible on the team giving them the opportunities to broaden their skill set and take suggestions seriously.