Why Public Speakers Fail

25 Dos and Donts of Presenting in front of groups


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Marks Take:

Sometimes a speaker may call an audience rude but the reality is the speaker is unprepared.  It is the speakers job to grab the audiences attention and project and communicate at a top level to keep his/her audience attentive.  Do not write notes or script if at most a few brief points to touch on and get past is all you should have with you on stage.  Do not drink water chew gum or candy cough drops or blow your nose in front of the audience.  Use facial expressions if your talking about good news make it come across as great news.  Speak from the heart.  Be excited about your subject matter.  Be eager to engage and share your facts.  The question and answer part is not a death sentence use it to make your next speech hit those points that your current audience did not fully grasp.  Prepare ahead of time for the 3 top questions you hope do not get asked.  If you are cool as a cucumber you will probably be as interesting as one have fun and engage your audience.  NO ahs and ums at all ever period no way no how do not use these.  And remember if you speak with your heart and rely on your knowledge and experiences your talk will flow and you will be well-received by your audience.