Family Business Award Highlights

Local family Business such as Speech Candy Shoppe, Gannons, Wegmans, Beak & Skiff, Dumac are highlighted in this edition of Family Business Awards Read more to find out ....

 Full article can be found below this will be a highlight on in what ways these companies achieve this long lasting status and in what ways they have found key parts in their programs to grow well beyond generation one or two.

100 anniversary award : Empire Recycling president Steven Kowalsky said he researched his family history from the late 1700's to today and was amazing to find how his family lived how they came to America and if it was not for the foresight of our founders, we would not be here today we are truly honored.

100 anniversary award : Wegmans CEO Danny Wegmans strives to make our employees and customers feel like they are apart of our family.  Family focused decisions and not doing things for recognition.  Keys to this are making sure we treat our employees right in turn they will treat your customers right and thats our focus and it works.

Business Innovation : Andy Picco Owner of Sustainable Office Solutions says its a true struggle to stay on top of thing s but having your own family members involved helps a lot speaking to his two sons on board with him nephews as well.  Its my job to tap into the untapped capabilities and to do this is how we excel.  

Community Service Excellence : Hummel's Office Plus Eco Justin Hummel is a 4th generation owner and speaks to giving back to his community not only finically but with our own time and commitment are esssctianl and necessary looking towards our 5th generation.  Employees here serve as board members, coaches, scout leaders, and more they are proud to be a successful local, family owned business. This is who we are.  As to Keys in success as a family business be true to who you are and what you stand for.  Sincerity, accountability and treating people the right way when you have a 4th generation family business you are in the 1 percent of the 1 percent it does not happen by luck or chance.  Rather by taking care of your own first and this in turn will take care of you business for its customers and vendors.

Family Business President of the Year : Micheal Speech, Jr The Speech Family Candy Shoppe, INC.  What does it mean for such an honor?  Running a small business means having it on your mind and your heart 24/7 and most days your on auto pilot.  Most humbling feeling to win this and truly gratifying for my staff, family, friends, and loyal customers.  Keys to my success over the years include the community, knowing our customers stories and history.  As they know ours we've become a tradition in many family and business's and truly feel we are relatives and with out our customers support wouldn't be here today.

Family Business of the Year :  Gannons Ice Cream , Hard work and morphing to what our customers need and building our concept is a labor of love.  Keys are maintaining a positive attitude as a business owner that helps you ride out the failed experiments and celebrate the ones that are a rare hit.

 Fastest Growing Family Business : Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards began in 1911 and is on the 5th generation with the newest expansion of their facility Apple Hill Campus to provide customers an "even better apple picking experience."

Up & Coming Family Business : Henderson Wholesale lamps is honored that you will find fewer and fewer family owned businesses.  So much sacrifice has been made over the years in order to make this business a success.  Keys such as working really hard buying from people they trust.  And being honest when they can't help someone are the keys not just doing anything to get a sale.  Make sure you get the right sales and we are fortunate to have a solid customer base and ready to take things to the next level.

Fastest Growing family Business : DUMAC CO-CHAIRMAN & CFO Dave McCarthey says its a testament to the continuation and the dream of our founder to be apart of what he started is something we should all be very proud of.  Keys to this success are "family" to include hundred of employees who are not related but support DUMACs philosophy.  And live by out motto "We"ll take care of it" with world-class efforts.

International Development : Nathan Andrews PRESIDENT says Keys to success being a third family generation business providing unparalleled quality and selection while manufacturing everything here right in East Syracuse.

Technical Services Excellence : Keys being employees are empowered to make business decisions that benefit our customers and being fast and reliable at the best value.

Multi-Generational Family Business Of The Year : Parsons & Associates, INC What does this Honor mean for your company ? We have been committed to the CNY community for more than 86 years.  Third generation family run organization and look forward to many more generations. We believe protecting our clients and our way of life in CNY and New York State  and every day have an opportunity to make a difference in someone life.  The testimonials we receive regularly prove we do and say we are going to do.  The keys have been location and dedication.  Downtown our office in Syracuse is near clients and their lives.  Even so we are never more than a phone call away small business's are the backbone of our community and country.  Keeping our promise, and building honest and respectful relationships is key.



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