If You Remember One Tip Make It This One

The calm after the storm has just subsided.  A brief but wild wind storm struck swiftly and in the aftermath I was walking from my car when I witnessed the event...



A lady in her late 50's pushing a larger cart filled and when I say filled I mean bags ontop of inside of hanging on by a thread.  A lot of bags and I don't like to over burden anyone customer and simply noted this and was to come back and grab her cart in about thirty seconds.  I made a quick lap around produce and back out the door I should have slowed my path because when I approached the rear of her car I can see she has made zero and I mean zero progress.  The car already filled with third row seating bags I could not tell apart from ours; not Wegmans or Walmart or target a lot of reusable bags but it was unclear.  In the shuffle of calling out the major item in each bag whilst handing them to her I couldn't help but notice her now stopping to rummage through her handbag.

 My grandfather who I have never shared experiences past the ripe old age of 2 whose voice rang out again I was reminded.  Always accept a tip.  The person is going out of their way.  They know their finical situation they feel the need to appreciate you to that capacity then allow them to indulge in this act of kindness and generosity embrace the good will and karma.  As I struggle to maneuver around the trailer hitch the purchases are not in excess but the amounts are large she is easily not phased and when I see her stop on the $5 bill I gasp.

 She proceeds to put her handbag away and proudly announces her appreciation.  Her vast appreciation she makes sure to know this deed will not go un founded.  I am simply in awe and so torn and limited on responses as I graciously thank and take her cart away she goes to shut the back door and of course.  It won't shut.  Now is my chance do I race back the 15 meters and sneak the money in one of the grocery bags as I move them.

 Slam.  She shuts it.

No perhaps that would only make her upset to maybe finding it later and being insulted to "what If" I didn't find it later.  Items like money are easily lost in multiple grocery bags.  Here I am left feeling torn from feeling gratefully beyond belief but saddened cause I could not properly express my level of ownership in my own building.  Many do not understand that younger generations can have wise years as well.  

Next time I have a well rehearsed preamble of how to stake my claim and prove to any and all that I am not a KID.  But then it hits me.  

This lady clearly enjoys and appreciates our establishment so much she was happy, truly happy to have an avenue to travel that being the tip.  And maybe that third wall of me standing firm saying no ma'am what can we do for you I'm just grateful your a happy customer.  But in her mind she helped out probably a struggling college student working to make ends meet at her local favorite grocery store.  I feel its our place to make this place feel a little different than other business's sure we have to get gas sure we have to pay the cable and electricity bill and go to target.  

Spera's though we can make this feel like your secret indulgence a place where you can become a scientist conducting baking or cooking experiments.  Or it can be the place where you get the families lunches for the week.  Or the place you go after you get a good grade on a test.  In the tech world of today you still have to eat.  Thats one thing we can't seem to stray away from.  So for me giving customers the "whole package" thats what makes me want to come to work everyday.  If I can make 2,000 people a day happy to eat, happy to make food for their household.  Happy to let down their defenses and indulge your senses.  Then I feel like my job is on the right track.  Never done but certainly on the right track.

 Thank you lady I will certainly pay it forward and by doing so having inspired this not only my first article but for me a memory and experience I truly do think about a lot.  My grandfather was a great man and I will use his energy and drive and grit to apply the 1980's "can do attitude" to the 2020s attitude of "whose to blame for how bad/good something is"